A Changing World: Dealing with Increased Travel Risk
It’s thought that 85% of travel programmes now include risk management protocols. This stat is no surprise when you consider the increase in security risk across the world. In the UK alone, there were 304 terrorism arrests in the month to March – the highest since 9/11. Figuring out who’s safe to travel and who might be […]
How to Survive a Business Trip with a Colleague You Don’t Know
Does it ever occur to you that as a travel manager you can be a real force for good in society? People with a disability continue to experience a lack of opportunities in a number of areas. Business travel is often one of those areas. Travellers with special requirements The travel policies and programmes you […]
The Rules of Business Drinks
How can you strike a balance between enjoying downtime without having to face an awkward conversation with colleagues the next morning?
Bleisure Travel: The New Key to Employee Engagement
Research suggests that 30% of employees would accept a lower paying position if it meant travelling more for work.
How Automation is Changing the Business Travel Landscape
Since 2014, there are more mobile devices in the world than people. Based on this, it’s no wonder that modern business travel relies so heavily on technology when planning, organising and managing work trips. In particular, a whitepaper by Euromonitor International offers two telling statistics about smartphone dependency amongst business travellers: 64% of global business […]
How to Protect Your Travellers from Cyber Attacks
6 Actions To Increase Cyber Security Did you know that an estimated 40% of data breaches are caused by external intrusions? As cyber attacks are being more sophisticated, the responsibility is on businesses to protect important data – without making it harder to do business. Business travellers, in particular, are at risk from data breaches […]
Cultural Experiences: What Activities Help Us Feel More Connected?
The stereotype of a business traveller is someone focused purely on work. They don’t have time to explore new places or enjoy local culture. They just want to get the job done and get back home. But, perhaps this isn’t the case. When it comes to experiencing other cultures, business travellers find engaging in activities […]