How NWI Group Cut Admin Costs and Optimized Spend with for Business

How NWI Group Cut Admin Costs and Optimized Spend with for Business

Getting a Handle on Travel Billing and Expenses Tipped the Scale for this Weighing and Instrumentation Measurement Specialist.

How NWI Group Cut Admin Costs and Optimized Spend with for Business

The Challenge

Australian weights and measures equipment, technology and services provider NWI Group wanted to make a change in how its employees booked and expensed travel. The company lacked a centralized booking platform and employees arranged business trips using their own preferred methods.

This way of handling travel made it difficult to consolidate and analyze NWI's spend and to identify potential savings opportunities.

The accounts team also spent a significant amount of time reimbursing employees for expenses incurred on their personal credit cards. Delays in expense claim filings sometimes led to project cost overruns, as well as missed opportunities to bill expenses back to a client. NWI Group needed an easy-to-use, comprehensive solution that would bring all of its travel expenses under one umbrella. Beyond that, the company also wanted a partner that would deliver a high standard of service and support.

The Solution

The team at NWI Group evaluated several travel and expense providers and selected for Business. Jonathon Moraitis, NWI Group General Manager, found that for Business had a "broader range of offerings, whether it was accommodations, flights or other travel services." The team were also impressed by the range of accommodation options available in the often-remote destinations in which its employees needed to stay. The tool itself was easy to use and getting employees set up in the system to book travel with a company credit card in the system proved quick and painless

The Impact

The accounts team no longer spends its days chasing down travel expenditures, managing expense reports or reimbursing for travel charged to personal credit cards.

NWI Group's service managers, who arrange travel on behalf of multiple employees on their teams, are also happy to be rid of time-consuming, unwieldy booking processes thanks to for Business.

NWI Group employees are happy to no longer be using personal credit cards to book travel. “That reduces their stress in waiting for those expenses to be repaid," said Jonathon Moraitis. "Our employees are the lifeblood of our company, so making sure they're happy is critical."

“At NWI Group, we strive to stand out amongst our competitors in the high level of service that we provide to our customers, and we expect the same from our vendors as well. We couldn't be happier with the level of support and the ease of use from for Business.”

Jonathon Moraitis, General Manager, NWI Group

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