Exploring the future of Partnerships with Bianca Mussi

Exploring the future of Partnerships with Bianca Mussi

by Cristina Sainz November 28, 2019

“As Booking.com moves towards the connected trip, so does Partnerships.” Bianca Mussi is the Director of Booking.com Partnerships in EMEA. Since joining the business as an Area Manager for Partnerships in 2015, Bianca has helped many of our partners to drive as much value as possible from their integrations with Booking.com.

We took the opportunity to talk to Bianca about her role, how our partners have evolved in EMEA, and the future of Partnerships.

On partners

When asked about the partners that we work with in EMEA, Bianca discusses the large variety of companies that have already partnered up with Booking.com across the region.
These include ‘traditional verticals’ such as airlines, OTAs, media organisations and transport companies, but also some new verticals that Booking.com has explored in recent years, including banks, telcos and energy companies.

Bianca points out that ‘wherever there is a customer that could potentially book an accommodation, that’s where we’d like to be,’ emphasising the scale and flexibility of the Partnerships programme.

On the future of Partnerships

Reflecting on the growth of Partnerships, Bianca adds that the programme has evolved in tandem with Booking.com’s own development in the last four years.
Citing the development of frequent flyer points and air miles with our airline partners as an example, Bianca talks about how Booking.com and Partnerships both strive to understand the customers’ needs and deliver a highly relevant offering in response.

Finally, Bianca looks ahead to the future of Partnerships, and predicts that the programme will follow Booking.com’s journey towards the connected trip by adding new services and products including restaurants and attractions.

Watch the video to find out more about the future of Partnerships, and how it will continue to enhance partners’ travel offerings to their customers.

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