What is a travel policy?

What is a travel policy?

A business travel policy is a company’s manual to business travel. The document contains the rules and budgets for business travel and travel related expenses. The level of detail varies for each company and these documents generally grow with the company. Of course there are some general rules of thumb that are common for most businesses, but the parameters of most of these rules are set by the individual company. Over time these rules will be trialed, tested and improved. You are likely to find the following topics covered in a policy document:

  • Booking process (timelines, software, etc)
  • Budgets (what can you spend on meals, drinks and accommodation)
  • Flights (ticket requirements such as budget and class and policy around missing a flight)
  • Ground transportation (rules around taxi’s, public transport, car rental and parking)
  • Emergency contacts
  • Travel insurance policy
  • Rules for traveling with a spouse
  • Rules for adding leisure time to a trip
  • Expense rules (what can and what cannot be claimed)
What is a travel policy?

The benefits of a visual travel policy

60k times faster

Time it takes to process an image vs. text

400% better learning

Improvements in learning through visuals vs. text

90% is visual

Percentage of information transmitted to the brain.

36k per hour

Number of visual messages our eyes can register.

Create a travel policy people read and follow

Build your visual policy now

Build your visual policy now

Build your visual policy now

Use our Visual Travel Policy Builder to create your travel policy infographic that you can download and share with colleagues. Add in budgets, advice and expenses information.

How to get started:

  • Add your company name and email in the first section
  • Add your company policy details in the fields provided (you can hide any fields that aren’t needed).
  • Generate your policy
  • Download the PNG or printable PDF
Create your visual policy now!

Why the visual travel policy works

The science behind the success

The science behind the success

This eBook explains why visualising the detail contained within the policy by swapping words for infographics and beautiful, engaging imagery is the answer. It includes:

  • Travel policy, not travel police
  • Why visualisation is key
  • Staying ahead of the times

Trying to get employees and colleagues to read and engage with your travel policy can be a challenge; you want to ensure they have an enjoyable trip but also stay safe and not go over budget on everything. Start building your company’s visual travel policy or download the ebook to learn more about the visual approach to travel policies.

Download the eBook
The science behind the success

Get Your Visual Travel Policy

An exclusive visual travel policy builder that allows you to create your own visual travel policy in minutes to share with your business travellers.

Build yours now!