6 Must-Follow Business Travel Blogs Every Travel Manager Needs to Know

6 Must-Follow Business Travel Blogs Every Travel Manager Needs to Know

by Meera Lakhani September 18, 2017

These business travel blogs are extremely valuable for any travel manager.

When you have a long to-do list, finding time to read articles isn’t always a priority. But can you afford to stop researching and risk missing out on industry news and the latest insight? 

It might take five minutes to read a blog article. But the information could help you save hours of time –  not exactly a bad deal!

With so many websites and resources out there, it’s easy to get lost. So, to help you find the travel management sites with the most valuable content, we’ve curated this must-follow list of business travel blogs:

#1 Business Travel News

Business Travel News has been sharing analysis and news with travel professionals for over 30 years – a helpful resource for anyone wanting to stay on top of the latest travel news.

Ideal for: Anyone in charge of setting travel policy and managing business travel at their organisation.  

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#2 Skift

Skift offers readers key insights into the main travel sectors, reporting on the news of the day as well as the trends that will shape the future of travel.

Ideal for: Travel strategists and future-thinkers, with an eye on the trends shaping the travel space.

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#3 Business Travel iQ

Business Travel iQ provides detailed and independently researched information to travel buyers across Europe.

Ideal for: European travel buyers looking for research-driven content.

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#4 Business Travel Direct

Business Travel Direct shares hints and tips to help readers improve and optimise their travel management programme.

Ideal for: Travel managers looking for advice and guidance on their travel management programme.

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#5 Eye for Travel

Eye for Travel helps those working in the travel industry to keep on top of changing trends

Ideal for: Anyone in the travel space that wants to stay on top of the pace of change.

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#6 The Business Travel Magazine

The Business Travel Magazine shares reviews, travel industry news and business destination insight guides

Ideal for: Managers and Buyers who are directly responsible for their organisation’s travel arrangements.

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