Finding the perfect accommodation for a business trip can be the key to getting the most out of your corporate travel. However, with such a variety of properties to choose from, it's easy to feel lost. Booking business hotels isn’t complicated with for Business, but there’s more to it than meets the eye if you really want to optimise your trip.

So where should you start when selecting the best hotels for business travellers for your destination?

By following these steps to book a business trip, you can make the process simple and quick, without compromising any essential factors.

  1. Identify and understand the priorities of the trip – be it visiting clients, exchanging knowledge, visiting a convention or local office, the purpose of the trip can greatly influence factors involved in selecting the ideal business travel hotel.
  2. Apply filters while searching to narrow the search according to travel policy and needed level of flexibility.
  3. Choose based on top factors and amenities for corporate travel. Find out what these are below.

What do business travellers look for when choosing a hotel?

1. Location, location, location

The key factor in choosing business trip accommodation remains location and proximity to the areas the business trip is centred around. A convenient location means much more than being close to the airport or downtown.

Whether you need to take clients out for a business dinner or want to explore the best of your destination in your downtime, choosing the right neighbourhood for your base is key. for Business allows you to filter hotels and properties within a certain distance of specific areas, postal codes and even landmarks. You can also book based on public transportation, not only on proximity.

2. Breakfast to start the day off right

With meetings ahead, you and your team will want to start the day right. The best hotels for business travellers offer a healthy delicious breakfast to make you feel ready to tackle challenges head-on.

You can filter with for Business to search for hotel chains where breakfast is included in your rates.

3. Health is wealth – healthy dining options

In fact, having healthy and nutritious options for all meals and snacks is a key factor setting apart the best business travel hotels. Staying healthy is one of the hardest aspects of corporate travel.

Given that airports are packed with tempting fast and easy options, and business dinners are often indulgent, opting for business hotels that provide healthy options is a bright idea. Check the restaurants and cafes in the area too as business travellers often dine out of their accommodation.

4. Hustle for that muscle

More and more people see physical and mental wellbeing as a priority in their lives and they want to be able to maintain their daily routine when travelling for business. Working out and taking care of your body can be imperative for some people’s mental and physical wellbeing. It even boosts productivity, something essential for corporate travel.

Business accommodations with a focus on providing quality fitness equipment and wellness spaces is high in priority. Hotels near the business centre are often near busier city areas that might not allow for the best night of sleep.

It can therefore be very worthwhile to choose a business hotel in a quieter neighbourhood or with windows not facing the streets to ensure you are well rested for a productive day of work.

5. Drop it like it’s Hot-Spot

There’s nothing more frustrating than your connection dropping in the middle of a conference call. While most hotels will include Wi-Fi in the rate of the room, there are still some hotels that require you to pay extra for high-speed connection.

Whether you are catching up on emails after meeting a client or attending a convention, or rushing between meetings, you’ll want to be able to get online without hassle.

Look for a business hotel that offers high-speed internet with no extra cost. If you need to dial in from your accommodation, it’s worth checking in advance whether there is an adequate workspace allocated for you to do so.

A productive business hotel might be equipped with a well-lit desk that is comfortable and has ample power outlets and great Wi-Fi.

6. One of a kind experience

Nowadays, more and more business travellers opt for unique experiences in boutique hotels over the more “traditional” business hotels. The benefits of more unique experiences include less crowding, a cultural touch, personalised touches, a diverse range of services and generally more value for money.

Having a memorable business trip is the best way to build relationships, close deals and attend important events. It can also help you and your team learn about other cultures, find new business opportunities and promote your business.

7. Automation

This is also where technology enters the game. Many business travellers want to stay at hotels where they can use an app to check in and check out. Most hotels are now offering technology and automation that streamlines the guest experience from start to finish, now becoming the expected norm of most corporate travellers.

New technology and automation can help at booking, too. No matter who does the actual booking, preset preferences tied to a loyalty number can ensure that travellers have the type of experience they want.

8. Relax and unwind

After a full day of meetings and working, you want to arrive somewhere to relax and prepare for a new working day.

The restful relaxing need of a business hotel could be met by finding a quiet, comfortable room with a nicely sized bed with quality bedding. A communal area for a drink is an added bonus to help everyone unwind at the end of each day.

You can find properties with suitable amenities for you, from well-equipped bathrooms, spa and wellness facilities and a swimming pool to a beautiful view to wake up to.

How can you stick to travel policy while choosing a business hotel?

A travel policy is a set of rules that specifically outline how business travel should be conducted. Usually, a company’s travel manager, HR manager, legal team or office manager is responsible for compiling a company’s travel policy. Read our complete guide to travel policy compliance here.

How to stay within travel policy:

  • Choose a room with a cost that stays within budget
  • Be sure it offers the required comforts and amenities
  • Make sure it is within the distance of the office, convection centre, conference location etc., or easily accessible
  • Consider the budget for food and incidental expenses
  • Be mindful of your duty of care

Make corporate travel simpler with for Business. With these articles, you will stay up to date with the latest trends in business travel and learn how to improve your corporate travel policy.

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